Granding T3 System with SD Card

Granding T3  System with SD Card
Feedback Form

1. Our Granding T3 fingerprint time attendance system with SD card is configured with the TFT color screen and handy GUI interface.
2. It is mounted internally with the currently superior VX10.0 fingerprint algorithm system and the SSR attendance recorder.
3. Our product is compatible with Office Excel, Open Office, Libre Office and other office software.
4. The interface supports custom setting of languages in need.
5. The SSR record can be transferred manually as users want for this product is installed with convenient USB port and SD socket inside.
6. There are multiple functional buttons for selecting the working state while punching card.
7. This T3 fingerprint time attendance system with SD card offers real-time data backup via one touch.


Display 3.0" TFT LCD screen
Speaker Voice prompt (language can be selected)
Language English, French, Spanish, Arabic and more than 40 languages can be selected.
Technical Specifications Capacity
Fingerprint Capacity 500
Card Capacity 50,000
Log Capacity 200,000
Verification speed(1:1) ≤ 0.5s
Identification speed(1:N) ≤1s
FRR ≤ 0.01%
FAR ≤ 0.0001%
Power Supply 110/220VAC~5VDC/2A
Communication Method SD card, USB host/client
Operation Temperature 0℃~45℃
Operation Humidity 20%~80%
Machine Size 185mm(L)×140mm(W)×45mm(H)
Attendance Status Check in, check out
Function Support Scheduled bell, SMS, work code, SSR recorder, DLST, T9 input, 9 user ID, self-service query, auto state
Customize Function N/A
Feedback Form
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